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Little Darlings · 04. October 2019
School time in Dolltown! The Little Darlings are all dressed for school in their pleats, plaids, and cozy knits. And it's Canadian Thanksgiving, so the girls are talking about what they are thankful for!

Little Darlings · 29. November 2018
The Dolltown Little Darlings and friends made it to school! Okay, it's almost December, but better late than never. The girls are reading, counting, studying the maps. And the boys show up, too!

22. October 2016
Faith and Zoey were on hand as the old jewelry boxes were sorted during a clutter clearing. So they not only got to pick jewelry that stayed, but put together a velvet box of jewelry for dolls. And they each chose a bead necklace to wear to school...

22. October 2016
Some of the girls gathered for their music lesson with their teacher Sky. And Douglas was there. He loves music and loves to be in the same room as our little pianist, Chantal.

21. October 2016
Vikka slips into the schoolroom between classes.... Nobody knows that she is an accomplished piano player, except Chantal, who has caught her playing before. Chantal is hoping they can play a duet some day.

20. October 2016
The children came in waves... While the Little Darlings were off on a fieldtrip, these girls gathered for a lesson!

19. October 2016
Well, the girls have already had several classes in the Schoolroom. The boys have been out on separate fieldtrips... (There is no gender divide here in Dolltown. But there are natural differences that we notice we are catering to. Just like when I put lego and blocks in front of my own girls as babies and toddlers. And gave dolls and stuffies to our boy... My kids just crawled across the room and settled in to the other toys. And our boy asked for Tonka trucks and Transformers. And our girls...

05. October 2016
The Little Darlings love the first day of school... Why? Because it starts in October, not September when they are still running around in shorts. Because they get to dress up in school clothes...and shoes, after a summer of barefeet! And because they get to choose anything they want to do (within reason) for the day! Read books, play with dice, sort and build with matchstick blocks, learn time, write on the chalkboard.... We notice the boys haven't shown up yet. Different rules for boys? Or...

02. October 2016
Evie and Lula arrive early to school. Teacher Sky is warming up for the morning singing. She tells the girls to read while they wait for the other children...

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