Little Darlings First Day of School!

The Little Darlings love the first day of school... Why?

Because it starts in October, not September when they are still running around in shorts.

Because they get to dress up in school clothes...and shoes, after a summer of barefeet!

And because they get to choose anything they want to do (within reason) for the day!

Read books, play with dice, sort and build with matchstick blocks, learn time, write on the chalkboard....


We notice the boys haven't shown up yet. Different rules for boys?

Or still scrambling for fall clothes?


Lula and Evie were already in the classroom early, when Teacher Sky was there playing the piano.

And they show up later to join the rest of the girls.


Pottery Owl has joined the girls in the classroom. See it, on the right? Great learning symbol!

And honoring the old aunty who made it years ago, who isn't with us anymore...

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    April (Friday, 07 October 2016 17:12)

    Well, it certainly looks as though your girls are having a mighty fun time at school! So many interesting and fun things to do. I can't remember that far back to kindergarten or 1st grade. I wonder if I had such a good time. But if I could do it again, I'd certainly want to do with your Little Darlings!!!!!

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    Jano (Saturday, 08 October 2016 11:13)

    Hi April!
    I have more recent memories, as a Kindergarten, Primary and Elementary teacher!
    I know it took a little time to adjust back to being inside all day, pencil in hand. lol
    We spent a lot of September learning outside!