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31. October 2016
These characters want to come to the Moon Arch Party! Clown is wondering why he is one of the scary ones this Halloween!

31. October 2016
Halloween at Dolltown Abbey! The little group of costumed Darlings have made it to the Moon Arch Room. Iple Juniors Odelle in butterflies and Aira in a golden halo are looking after the goings on! But all the attention is on the pumpkins full of chocolate bars and Skittles!

30. October 2016
Light play... Not easy to see the girls and creatures!

28. October 2016
Little Darling witches Jiyoon and Lula passed the time in the Moon Arch Room, waiting for their friends to arrive. They played with little Magnet Head Dolls, while Skeleton joined them with Spidey.

28. October 2016
More Iplehouse Juniors are heading up the path to their Dolltown Abbey... This lad does no more than don his skull cap to ready himself for the party with the Dolltowners. The girls are always asking him if he is dressed for Halloween, at all times of the year. It's that pale skin and his constant black garb. And the way he looks sideways at them... They giggle and run away screaming...

28. October 2016
These Little Darlings decided to dress up in old fashioned costumes! When they were ready, they excitedly headed out on the path to Dolltown Abbey, by themselves! Lucky it's Dolltown!

27. October 2016
Iplehouse Juniors at the Dark Tree on the path to Dolltown Abbey! These two have come to greet our Little Darlings and make sure they make it to the party safely... Of course it's safe! It's Dolltown! But at Halloween we like to believe that ghoulies and ghosties are roaming the woods. Scary things like spiders and bats and old grey witches! So the little girls will be escorted to the Moon Arch Room...

26. October 2016
The Iples have invited the Dolltowners to their abode, Dolltown Abbey, for Halloween festivities. Vikka and the Halloween characters are getting the Moon Arch room ready. We see Skeleton, Black Cat, Spider AND Spidey. And Lee's raven is here! Little Darling witches, Lula and Jiyoon, arrive to check it out. And Tink and Zoey arrive in their costumes... No Iples in sight...yet.

22. October 2016
Faith and Zoey were on hand as the old jewelry boxes were sorted during a clutter clearing. So they not only got to pick jewelry that stayed, but put together a velvet box of jewelry for dolls. And they each chose a bead necklace to wear to school...

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