Little Darlings and Jewelry

Faith and Zoey were on hand as the old jewelry boxes were sorted during a clutter clearing.

So they not only got to pick jewelry that stayed, but put together a velvet box of jewelry for dolls.

And they each chose a bead necklace to wear to school...

The bead necklaces caused a bit of fuss in the Schoolroom.

Zoey and Faith told the girls there was a whole jewelry box full, set aside just for dolls. 

So, the Little Darlings headed to Jiyoon's playroom during their lunch break.

And there, jewelry galore...


Back in the classroom, teacher Sky allowed the girls to talk about the jewelry they chose.

And then she talked about the history of body adornment...

It's called a "teachable moment".

Xennia often lies down during the teacher-talking part of a lesson.

She says it helps her concentrate....

Or, Xennia, is it just nap time?


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    April (Monday, 24 October 2016 18:23)

    Well....I know how fascinated I was as a child (and still am as an adult) with jewelry boxes filled with baubles. The Darlings looked like they were having an enormously good time playing with their newfound treasure! They are lucky they were able to wear it to school. I love all the new and creative ways they found to wear this jewelry!!!

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    Jano (Monday, 24 October 2016 18:55)

    Me too! Fascinated with a box of jewelry. Recently I sorted jewelry I wasn't wearing anymore. But with new eyes, I noticed pieces that my dolls could wear. The little ones don't bother, takes too long usually. But after a day of play and jewelry immersion, they may have noticed a piece or two that will get some use!
    Birdy is wearing a tiny gold angel pin, Evie is wearing a silver jester charm...
    Thanks for stopping by, April!