Little Darlings at School, Part Two!

School in the Magic Library!

How lucky are the Dolltown children!

Read how the day started, with Sky and her helpers setting up the room.

And the Little Darlings arriving for their learning in two's and three's...


Now, let's see where we left off. With Xennia and Tink ready to go for recess!

And who arrives?

Rosa and Birdy! 

They ask their friends what they have been learning about.

"6's and 7's", Tink replies!

"I want to learn about herbs and flowers, and where to find them." Rosa tells them.

"And I want to learn which flowers the birds like!" says Birdy.

"And we will plant the best ones in our garden!"


"Well, we have the game for you!", Xennia and Tink say as they head off for their recess.

"We can plant that garden, Birdy!", says Rosa.

"Because I am the Queen of the flowers, and they will grow where I ask them to!"

"Tell me more, Rosa!", says Birdy...

And Rosa spun a tale of her queenly domain over the meadow and mountain flowers.

"Fireweed and sunflowers, cornflowers and daisies..."

"You can be queen of the daisies, Birdy!

I'm sure the birds love daisies, especially!"

Now that's a good friend!

More students! Truly serious students, Pearl and Anna Zoey....

They have been at school for hours, helping teacher Sky count all the textbooks, sharpen all the pencils, and charge all the iPads.

These two are the Queens of School!

Anna Zoey traveled to China when she was younger. (Really! At least that's what we were told when we invited her to Dolltown.) And she tells us the stories of going to school when she was there....

It didn't take long for Anna Zoey and Pearl to hitch up as bff's!

Pearl is recognized in Dolltown as the expert in Executive Functions.

What are executive functions, you ask?

Pearl quotes Wiki's definition to make it easy for us to understand... 

"Executive functions are a set of cognitive processes that are necessary for the cognitive control of behavior: selecting and successfully monitoring behaviors that facilitate the attainment of chosen goals. Executive functions include cognitive processes such as attentional control, cognitive inhibition...

Seriously, Pearl? Attentional control? Cognitive inhibition?

You mean focus on your schoolwork, right? No matter who is whispering beside you?

I think Tink and Xennia could use some tutoring from Pearl.


Maybe over the Christmas holidays!

"Look! A geometry set!"

Anna Zoey is excited to find this hands-on tool.

She has been using the special apps for measuring angles and create perfect circles.

It's a new world...

"Why aren't thereany paper and pencils?", they ask.

Ha! Good question! Weren't you two in charge of preparing?

They ring Trusty Bell in hopes of getting some brought to the choolroom.

And Lula shows up!

"Did you bring some paper so we can do our Math?, they ask.

"No." says Lula.

"We didn't come to do Math.", Lula says.

"We are going to play our Geography game.

And give each other stickers for good work."

Scout arrives with the stickers. Big stickers!

"How do you play your Geography game?", Pearl asks.

"We throw the ball and see where it lands. Then we imagine traveling there and what adventures we would have...mountain climbing, body surfing, sky diving, spelunking..."

"And we imagine building schoolrooms for unfortunate children, and figure out if we have to fight for girls education, and how to get fresh water for the villages....", adds Scout.

And off Pearl and Anna Zoey went to get paper.

Evie, the third of this trio, arrives with the news that the boys are coming!

Well, now the action will pick up in the schoolroom!

That often happens when these girls are around...

Chris and his bro, Douglas, want to know what's happening.

And Lula explains the globe ball game.

"Where would you like to go in the world, Chris?", Lula asks.

Douglas says, "I'd like to stay here in Dolltown. Unless there are ships..."

Lula shows Douglas the blue parts of their globe balls. 

"That's all ocean! You could travel all over on ships!", Lula tells Douglas.

Scout is hugging a little wool doll that was on its way to other lands before these three got ahold of it!

(Read the story here... Two stories!

That's it, Lula? School is done already?

Well, you'll be back tomorrow, right?

What do you mean "No!"


Lula tells me it's time to get ready for Christmas.

But we have a whole month! Almost. Surely a few more lessons?

"No!", Lula says. "Please get out our Christmas dresses?"

Okay fine. Since you ask so sweetly...

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