Little Darlings at School 2018!

The Dolltown Little Darlings and friends, made it to school! Okay, it's almost December, but better late than never. The girls are reading, counting, studying the maps. And chatting about the world itself...


Sky is there to greet them, with Trusty Bell.

And first to arrive is Indira.

What a lovely girl she is, so thoughtful and caring.

Indira just arrived this year, one of the new sculpts, with those big eyes.

All the better to see you with.

She says to me, "How was your day?" and "Can I get you some tea?"

And then brings me a cuppa the size of a thimble. I sip...

And our very latest, and last Little Darling, Em...

I'm not surprised Em and Indira hooked up.

Newbies on the block, with a lot in common.

Friendship is the bottom line in Dolltown.

Our throughline, as they say.

These new girls are sharing with teacher Sky what their favorite topics are...

"I like fortune telling." says Indira. "Me too!" says Em.

And horoscopes, and magic herbs, and mandalas and fairies.

Hmmm.... School subjects?

In Dolltown, the girls get to study what they love. Okay then. Sky?

Looks like Sky has gone to collect and gather some special learning materials.

In the meantime, the girls use the abacus to predict the future of the universe.

Wow, let us know!

And it's recess! What?

We just started!


Okay, so the Little Darlings are coming in two's and three's for their lessons.

Makes sense! Small class sizes!


And you'll notice that Sky leaves Trusty Bell to oversee things.

She doesn't have to do much!

Once these girls turn their attention to the tasks at hand, they are very focused!

Except for the chatting of course! There's always chatting... 

Hi Fig! What's it going to be today, for your first day back?

Coloring? We love coloring!

The girls are experts after coloring the whole Eiffel Tower last year!

And of course we knew Chantal would head to the piano!

She hunts it down wherever we put it.

Once we had it stored in a big Ikea bag and found her lying on top, practicing her cords from above.

After that we made sure we leave the piano where she can reach it easily!

"I'm getting ready for our Open Mic!" she says.

Ever since they heard about "Open Mic Nights", the Dolltowners insisted we have them here.

Chantal is playing piano and singing!

She has chosen La Vie en Rose this week. Love that song!

C'est toi pour moi. Moi pour toi...

"And I'm going to act a scene from Miracle on 34th Street.", says Fig.

Love that movie!

Fig has dreams of being an actress. She looks for little girl roles mostly.

After all, that's her best bet considering she is going to stay a little girl for the rest of her life!

It's a doll's life, after all.

Go for it, Fig! Follow your dreams!

It's Jiyoon, listening in!

What do you want to be, Jiyoon? A cowgirl?

These buddies look adorable in their Carol Pringle western dresses!

Not usually their style. Jiyoon and Maggie are generally fashion forward. Well, for Dolltowners.

They keep an eye on the trends and follow Fashion Doll Stylist daily, even when I can't.

But no one else was reaching for these dresses when it was time for school.

They look very...local.

"How y'all doin'?", Maggie asks. Jes fine, Maggie.

And when the two see the little wooden stars they imagine they are making Sheriff's badges. 

Then they imagine they are country music stars.

Like Taylor Swift, and Brandy Clark. And our own Michelle Lonsdale.

And speaking of country western, check out our girls, Xennia and Tink!

They look like little settlers!

When we said get dressed for school, they must have been thinking of Anne of Green Gables!

You girls look as sweet as can be!

Xennia arrived in Dolltown in this outfit!

And Tink matched up with Xennia perfectly when she chose to wear this pretty dress by Alison Austin.

The dressmakers in the doll world, and particularly those who dress the Little Darlings, are part of an artistic industry we doll collectors are happy to support.

I cash in all my rootbeer bottles when I see an outfit we must have here in Dolltown!

Look at this hat made by the ultra talented Helen Montgomery Skinner!

She also painted four of our pretty dolls here, including both Xennia and Tink!

But enough about real people...

Yes, you may, Tink!

I am so impressed that these girls want to learn about our wildflowers in Canada.

Although I think Tink thinks that "cards" are fun. (Her favorite word.)

So let's play cards! Memory game! How useful!

Uh oh! I think they are playing Muddle Up, a game invented by Tink herself!

Sometimes she gets fed up with all the organizing, and just wants things all muddled...

One can toss things up, sweep things off surfaces, shake things in bags, change words into the wrong order, sing funny songs while friends are trying to count...

Good girls! In the end, a great tidy-up job!

We can see that Trusty Bell got down off her perch to be sure the cards all got unmuddled.


The other girls are coming...


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