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Little Darlings · 29. November 2018
The Dolltown Little Darlings and friends made it to school! Okay, it's almost December, but better late than never. The girls are reading, counting, studying the maps. And the boys show up, too!

Children Dolls · 01. August 2018
Miley is interrupted in the middle of her quiet tea time by the Ocean. Chris and the boys arrive, looking for the girls. They didn't stay long. But by the time they left, Miley's tea was cold. Oh well...

20. June 2017
Glitter on the Eiffel Tower! Before? Or after? The Little Darlings have to decide... But let's start building!

08. May 2017
In April, the Little Darlings, the Sashas, and friends were exploring a birchbark canoe, and all its fascinating contents. Then we brought more of the children to the river to see the canoe, the gold fish, the beads... And there was a picnic! But before we had time to post all those photos, Easter arrived and all the Dolltowners spiffed up for a big egg hunt at the river with Bunny! There were lots of photos of the spring celebration and we just got them all posted. NOW we can get back to our...