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08. August 2017
Kidz n Cats Jakob, our Hal, brings the little girls to see the Eiffel Tower. Lilac Moon, Gabby, and Vera are amazed!

14. December 2016
Look at you girls all dressed up for Christmas! The McCall girls are excited for Christmas! A Barbara, a Betsy, and a little Linda. Our Pamela, Nellie, and Vera. And a Heartstrings Eva, a Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy, a Helen Kish, a Heidi Plusczok, and a Berdine Creedy. Such a great way to explore different doll designers! We are going to post lots of photos because the girls all look so lovely and we haven't seen them for a while...

20. October 2016
The children came in waves... While the Little Darlings were off on a fieldtrip, these girls gathered for a lesson!

24. July 2016
Dolltown's little Vera is a Tonner Linda McCall. She arrived with big sisters Betsy and Barbara last year (okay, I'll have to check those relationships) and we often see her playing with Gabby and Lilac Moon. After a little research, on eBay, I found only one face exactly like this one, and it was a 1998 Tonner Linda, from a UFDC Conference, limited edition "an American in Paris". Eighteen years old, and doesn't look a day older than four!

01. May 2016
Dolltown children! Well, the girls, now... They straggled in but ALMOST all of them were there. Gabby first. Because she likes to be first. And Priscilla came too! And Fancy Nancy, little Phoebe, Whoopi and Shasta, Vera, Pam, and Nellie, and Lilac Moon. And Vikka came to keep an eye on all the girls. They gathered nicely for a group photo. And things fell apart a little. Children will be children. Then two surprising things happened. Asa just raised her hands slightly and all went quiet. The...

07. April 2016
Geri's Arial arrived! This is the face I chose after I discovered the Little Darlings, the lovely doll sculpts by Dianna Effner. Dianna has taught several doll artists to paint these cute faces. Most of the artists have a waiting list. I got on Geri Uribe's list last January. Knowing this little dolly was coming, eventually, helped us choose the other dolls we wanted for our stories here. And the Little Darlings are a hands down favorite of ours. So easy to create characters from these...

17. March 2016
This green dress from Kathy at tkctcrafts has been in use a lot at Dolltown!

26. February 2016
It's little Linda McCall, with McCall's Betsy and Barbara. Also Paola Reina Liu and Agnes Dreary in a pink ribbon! In Dolltown, that's Pamela, Nellie, and little Vera. And Ling in a plaid skirt and Vikka in her black boots.

15. December 2015
A classic Betsy McCall! We call her Pamela and she came with her friend and a little Linda, pictured here. Pamela looks a little older so she got to wear this fancy grown up looking sequined dress. She was the envy of the other little girls...