The Children at Christmas

A classic Betsy McCall! We call her Pamela and she came with her friend and a little Linda, pictured here.

Pamela looks a little older so she got to wear this fancy grown up looking sequined dress. She was the envy of the other little girls...

This is Linda, our Vera. She is as cute as a button as they say.

She has a wonky hip and has a little trouble standing...

Look who gets to wear this beautiful Tonner Patience coat! I don't have a Patience and this coat's arms were much too slender for our other little dollies. 

Lucky Agnes Dreary, our Vikka, is over the moon wearing a sweet white velvet coat with pink rosebuds! Haha

Two of our Paola Reina's. Our Undine is on a visit, so only Dasha, our Quilla and Liu, our Ling were here to dress up for Christmas.

These dolls have such cute faces...

Betsy's friend, Barbara, our Nellie. Nellie and her little sister below, arrived on the same day as Pearl. Three dollies sporting the same blond bubble style hair.  It's a style and color I love. 

The McCalls have beautiful clothes. But this dress is from TKCT, one of my favorites!

Recognize Gabby? She is wearing a lovely mohair wig. This little Tonner Patsy came with a straight, long platinum blonde wig...


This is another outfit from TKCT crafts. Thanks Kathy!

One of Heidi Pluscok's adorable girls!

Our Oiya is a ball joint doll and poses so nicely. She stands! She sits!

Here they are in warm winter coats. Quilla is wearing the beautiful brown coat she came in. And Ling borrows a Betsy McCall coat that suits her!

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