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17. July 2017
Paola Reina Amigas in Dolltown! Makeovers and photos with the Eiffel Tower model.

15. September 2016
These lovely Spanish made dolls, the Paola Reina Amigas, love to work in the kitchen! Who are we to stop them from being so useful? They have filled a basket full of picnic food for the Ellowynes' nighttime visit! Thanks girls! Got any balogna sandwiches in there?

07. September 2016
Terri's back after an afternoon nap...just in time to welcome the In Betweens. Not little children, not adults... We have Crissy, with her long braid, and Kimberley...both newish vintages. Cheerful girls! And Becky! With her handsome boy. Older vintages! And they have dance skills! Fox trot, waltz!

03. May 2016
Oiya! Late again! Our little Heidi Pluszcok also missed the girls' group Valentine's photo. She was outside hunting for bird's eggs with Uley. This time she missed the group photo with Asa while she helped Uley get ready for a roadtrip with Auntie Mischelle. Oiya and Uley...perhaps a new bond I hadn't noticed? Both active and funlovers...who knows?

15. December 2015
A classic Betsy McCall! We call her Pamela and she came with her friend and a little Linda, pictured here. Pamela looks a little older so she got to wear this fancy grown up looking sequined dress. She was the envy of the other little girls...