The Little Paola Reina Amigas!

It's the little Amigas!


The Paola Reina Dolltown girls, Undeen, Quilla, and Ling, were really happy this week to get dressed for summer and spend time in the garden!


Undeen got a makeover...a change of hairdo.

We cut her black hair streaked with green and purple! And gave her a short purple bob.

Almost a pixie wig!

She is very cute, and we are happy...


And she got tiny earrings! And so did Quilla, with her golden hair...


Now Ling wants earrings too!


Our Undeen (an Abigail), Ling (a Liu), and Quilla (a Dasha)...

We took the plunge and chopped off Undeen's beautiful mop of hair.

She arrived in a very cute witch outfit, which we have used for all the Amigas and Little Darlings!

I just had to get that mop off and try a different style.

Hard to explain, but doll collectors understand the need to "bond" with a doll... 

AND the Amigas' hair is thick and unruly, all of them.

We tried a few styles...

So cute! All of them!

But we liked the purple short pixie bob...

We love it with her purple lips and cheeks...and earrings!

The makeover immediately helped get these Amigas, all three, out and about into the action.

And they were first on the Eiffel Tower scene, after the big Little Darling garden photo shoot...

And off the Amigas went!

They heard that the kitchen is open, and they are all little chefs.

We are hoping that means...summer snacks!

Now, who's next? The Eiffel Tower is ready for more Dolltowners!

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  • #1

    April (Thursday, 20 July 2017 10:43)

    These little cutie pies are so adorable and give such an international flair to your dolly community. Hablas espagnol? My goodness, one day you may have to put up signs in several languages so that everybody understands!!?! Or...maybe there's an English requirement before they arrive to Dolltown! In any case, I held my breath when you mentioned the hair cutting sequence....especially with the thought that if you make a mistake, the hair doesn't grow back. (Wish my grandmother had thought about that before she cut my dolly's hair into a miserable 'do. looks really cute and you did succeed in giving her a brand new look. Still, you are much braver than me!

  • #2

    Jano (Thursday, 20 July 2017 11:53)

    Aren't they cuties?
    And you're right. I do ask that all international dolls learn a rudimentary English vocabulary. But these girls were already Canadianized, coming to the Toronto shop with other Paola Reinas.
    Undeen's new do? I've been around the block now with dolly hair cutting. And it is just as you say, cut, and there is no going back.
    I have taken the plunge a couple of times, cutting rooted hair to the scalp, knowing I was going to pop on a wig. Which is what I did with Undeen.
    Just cutting the hair, with no wig planned is chancier. Although I have pulled off several good cuts, I completely wrecked one wig (not bad!).
    And I am sorry to say, poor Badger is stuck at the moment with an atrocious cut (I have to be careful I don't become fond of it.). I am taking the easy route, blaming that haircut on Scout. A doll.