The Little Girls with Hal

Hal, this is so nice of you!

Bringing the little girls to see the Eiffel Tower all done...


Lilac Moon, Gabby, and Vera think the Tower is so pretty!


They wanted to help with the coloring. So I gave them coloring sheets. And lots of crayons.

And asked Vikka to keep guard so if they approached the tower-in-progress with crayons in hand, they could



They heard that Lula climbed to the top of the tower so keep an eye on them, Hal! 



Nice work, Hal! It's almost like you put a spell on them!


From the way Hal is looking around, I am thinking he was hoping Miley would still be here!


Relax, Hal. It's Dolltown! You'll run into her again sooner or later. 

In the meantime, I think I heard the Disney Princesses asking for you earlier...



Everybody likes Hal!

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    April (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 09:52)

    Oh Hal is a cutie pie. I'm sure there are lots of dollies with secret crushes on him!!! By the way, Hal...good job at looking after the little ones!!!

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    Jano (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 18:08)

    Yes! Hal is a beauty! And he is the only 18" boy so he is definitely in demand! And then he is king of babysitters!
    I'll have to get him together with our 16" Sasha boy. Give him a little relief from constant love!