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30. August 2017
Becky and her friend Mitch meet at the Eiffel Tower model, and Babyface tags along. Uh oh Babyface! What have you done now?

22. August 2017
Little Darling Xennia has found a little crew of trolls. How will Tink convince her it's time to go? Beach trip coming up!

20. August 2017
Three Little Darlings brought some knit dollies home on a sleepover. And before the dollies have to go back, more Little Darlings show up to say hi!

15. August 2017
Scout discovers a secret about the neighbors! Andy knits toques for charity! And Joan gathers soft toys from locals for orphans! Our good deed trio have to go and see!

13. August 2017
Silent Sam wears a wool, beaded cape all the time... Today we got to see what's under it! More beads!

12. August 2017
Dolltown's Silent Sam has a new friend, from Africa! And they both have babies! Let's get to know each other...

10. August 2017
Little Darling Chantal and friend Douglas have liked each other for a long time. Just friendship still, or puppy love?

08. August 2017
Kidz n Cats Jakob, our Hal, brings the little girls to see the Eiffel Tower. Lilac Moon, Gabby, and Vera are amazed!

07. August 2017
The little girls, Tonner Patsy, Berdine Creedy Lolly Pop, and Linda McCall...

04. August 2017
Little Darling Jiyoon goes to the Art Gallery! Jiyoon would like to be an artist, and enjoys the photographs and fused glass exhibition.

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