Xennia and the Trolls...

What is Xennia doing here at the Eiffel Tower by herself?

Well, by herself with a bunch of trolls!


All the other Little Darlings are either beach ready, or getting changed.


Xennia is often a straggler. She lingers...

We depend on her buddy Tink to move her along.

But Tink gets distracted, and goes with the noisiest, happiest crowd.


And it was a noisy, happy crowd of Little Darlings that headed to the wardrobe room. 


Meanwhile, Xennia noticed a quiet group of little, colorful haired trolls heading for the Eiffel Tower.


And we know Xennia likes little things...baby animals, babies, and I guess, little trolls! 

Wow! Way to go Tink!

In case you missed it, Tink did four things...

 1. She joined Xennia and enjoyed the trolls with her. That's smart!

2. She left and managed to scoop the Maggie and Kate froggy short set. That's amazing!

3. She also brought a bag big enough to bring back all the trolls! Who would think of that?

(Oh dear. What do we do with them now?)

4. And she tucked the tiniest trolls into Xennia's hair bow, and her own...

Xennia loves accessories! What is better than a tiny troll hair bauble!


Tink, you are the best!

Next time, don't leave without her in the first place! I'm just saying...

Follow up!

Okay it didn't come together afterwards as easily as we hoped...

The trolls scattered as soon as the bag was opened.

They are all over Dolltown as we speak.

We hope the big one has a troll call!


And Xennia ran around half undressed after them.

I had to go back to the Eiffel Tower to find her again.

And this time I just picked her up and brought her in and dressed her myself.

But I had to bribe her with chocolate.

The chocolate that Auntie Maryann brought me because I am a grandma of a real baby now.

I bet that baby isn't running around after trolls!


Xennia, Xennia, Xennia...lucky you're cute!


Now, can I get some work done, please!

And Xennia, if any trolls show up, you are NOT allowed to give them my chocolate.

Well, maybe one piece. But that's all!


Hey April! French chocolat!

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Wednesday, 23 August 2017 11:13)

    Oh this is toooo sweet. You see, Xennia love little things because she gets to be the "big" doll in charge of things! But you are right about Tink. SHE is really smart the way she handled Xennia!

  • #2

    Jano (Thursday, 24 August 2017 14:58)

    Yes, Tink did a great job! She knows Xennia well...
    And I think you are right about Xennia... The other girls baby her, so she has a chance to look after others. The trolls recognize a softie!