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22. August 2017
Little Darling Xennia has found a little crew of trolls. How will Tink convince her it's time to go? Beach trip coming up!

20. August 2016
Here's Tink...our sweet and mischievous Tink. We received this very cute froggy outfit in June from the infamous Maggie and Kate Create. Tink loves frogs, so she got to wear the outfit first.

27. June 2016
First of all, we have been saved by a surprise package from Pachom... Just when we were wondering what to do about Xennia. She heard that Tink gets to wear the new outfit from Maggie and Kate, when it comes. Then Tink tried to make Xennia feel better by hunting for baby frogs. No luck! But then an envelope arrived in the mail. with a cute button dress, perfect for Xennia! Thank goodness! Thanks Pachom! I guess Pachom's psychic!

18. June 2016
We did it! We jumped at the chance to get a Maggie and Kate Creation! We were pouring over Flickr photos of their work and figuring out favorites. Red! Rainbow! Wait a minute! There's one on Etsy... with a frog!