Tink, Xennia, Maggie and Kate, and Baby Frogs

We did it! We jumped at the chance to get a Maggie and Kate Creation!


We were pouring over Flickr photos of their work and figuring out favorites. Red! Rainbow!


Wait a minute! There's one on Etsy... with a frog!

Tink saw the photo and put her two cents in...


Yes, yes, yes, I think she said. Jumping up and down. Like a frog.


Last year, she got to wear this froggy sundress, from the talented Erin Green. Now Tink thinks frogs are "hers"! Cute wig, Tink!

I was busy, but I thought I'd better follow them.

Since we don't have water features (sprinklers don't count, right?) I was afraid they'd wander out of the yard on their frog hunt.


Tink and Xennia are surprisingly adventurous. Or maybe they just don't get the idea of "consequences". Best to keep an eye on them...


Now where did they go?

What? Oh girls...

I found them in the dry leaves

under some bushes.

But the water is soaking into the ground...oh, never mind!

I think I said "Frogs like ponds".

And they ran off.

Okay! That should take a while!

Back to work...

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  • #1

    April (Sunday, 19 June 2016 15:38)

    Well, thank you for this generous dose of adorable-ness with two of my favorite dollies!!! I don't, however, think they're going to find their baby frogs. No more than I was able to make an ice rink in my backyard by filling it in with hot water, many moons ago. (My father was furious. I was disappointed the ice didn't form.) Ahhhhhh youth!!!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Sunday, 19 June 2016 15:45)

    Oh April. that is too funny!
    Galoshes, not ice skates!
    Thankfully dads get over our missteps!
    Well, Tink and Xennia are not done....
    We have plans for some watchful eyes on these two!

  • #3

    Sharon in Spain x (Monday, 20 June 2016 12:27)

    How cute are these two! I love Xennia's hair, so different to any LD I've seen before by wearing this style, it's great.
    I hope the girls don't have too long to wait for their little baby frogs to appear ;)
    Hugs from Spain x

  • #4

    Jano (Monday, 20 June 2016 15:05)

    Hi Sharon!
    Xennia is wearing an Ellowyne Lizette wig. It is a 6-7 and leaves her little scalp a bit bare around the front. But I like it so much some day I might take the plunge to find a 7-8...
    I am on the hunt to find some little frogs around here. But vinyl, not real! lol