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29. June 2016
Pop Up Shop coming in Dolltown! Our City girls traveled to other destinations to hunt for upcycling possibilities. They are on the lookout in local markets for small, unique items they can box up or pop in their totes. But they keep getting distracted by things they want for, jewelry, eye catching clothes!

27. June 2016
First of all, we have been saved by a surprise package from Pachom... Just when we were wondering what to do about Xennia. She heard that Tink gets to wear the new outfit from Maggie and Kate, when it comes. Then Tink tried to make Xennia feel better by hunting for baby frogs. No luck! But then an envelope arrived in the mail. with a cute button dress, perfect for Xennia! Thank goodness! Thanks Pachom! I guess Pachom's psychic!

23. June 2016
I had to ask this pair to look out for Tink and Xennia. Xennia and Tink have been getting into mischief that could end in serious doll damage! We have a First Aid room, but no doll hospital. So Conner and Evie agreed to look out for the two friends while I get some work done.

22. June 2016
Of course I'll get snacks! Anything! I am going to have so much time to do stuff! Thanks girls...

19. June 2016
We just posted photos of Lula on adventures with Lani in Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand. Lucky Lula!

19. June 2016
Okay, this is a loooong blog post! We have set it up differently than we usually do. Earlier blog posts are beneath. Scroll!!

18. June 2016
We did it! We jumped at the chance to get a Maggie and Kate Creation! We were pouring over Flickr photos of their work and figuring out favorites. Red! Rainbow! Wait a minute! There's one on Etsy... with a frog!

17. June 2016
A bike! Exciting! Chris and his brother were late to the boys' meet up on the Path. Chris found the Barbie bike, abandoned when the girls went in to dress for the party.

Dianna Effner Little Darling Doll by Geri Uribe, OOAK Cloth ballet doll
15. June 2016
Wotta busy week! Last Sunday we attended a sweet ballet dance recital, complete with tea in tea cups and slivers of lemon cheesecake... Maggie got to go, in her pretty pinafore dress. And we found dolls! A ballet mom makes these lovely long limbed cloth dolls in tutus and toe shoes (made from satin ribbon). One of them really wanted to come to Dolltown. Yes! Maggie and Ballet Doll quickly became friends, giggling over whispered stories. They hopped on stage for a twirl or two, then returned to...

14. June 2016
Maggie was given a penny for her thoughts on Instagram the other day, by April, Fashion Doll Stylist. She answered, Maggie I am... But that wasn't all she said. I know, I was there. I even intervened after a while! Here's what she answered: Maggie I am...I like my new dress! I like this house. I like the creek here. I like the mountains over there. I like to climb mountains. Do those people know what they are doing? Do they have the right climbing gear? I should go and help them. I will ask if...

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