A Penny for Maggie's Thoughts...

Maggie was given a penny for her thoughts on Instagram the other day, by April, Fashion Doll Stylist. 


She answered, Maggie I am...

But that wasn't all she said. I know, I was there.

I even intervened after a while!


Here's what she answered:

Maggie I am...I like my new dress! I like this house. I like the creek here. I like the mountains over there. I like to climb mountains. Do those people know what they are doing? Do they have the right climbing gear? I should go and help them. I will ask if I can go. I wonder if Jiyoon wants to come. I bet Uley would like to come. He likes climbing too. But how are you, dear Fashion Doll Stylist? Do you like my dress? I sure love your dolls! They are very beautiful and dress so nicely. Are you glad you are back from Paris? I like Paris! I have never been there but I have seen photos. I have seen YOUR photos! So, I know there are cute dolls in Paris. I'd like to go with you next time you go to Paris. I could help your girls get dressed for their fashion shoots. I like fashion! I'd like to see fashion in Paris!  I'm sure I would be allowed! I am going to go and find a suitcase. The other dolls won't mind. They know I like to travel. And I could Skype with them, like Lula does. And my Auntie Ana Margaret could come from London and get me. You'd like her. She's very nice. I haven't met her in person yet, but I am told I look like her. She likes climbing too. And she has a funny cat. I like cats. Can I bring a cat with me to Paris?  I would hold it on my lap and hug it if it got scared on the plane. I would like to hug some of those children in Paris who lost their people last fall. It was so sad. We all cried. And we got mad at the bad people. We heard there were dolls...


And that's when I coaxed Maggie away from the comments and hit the delete, when she wasn't looking. Now if she could communicate in emoticons I might have left her response there!

It took a while for Maggie to wind down from being spoken to directly on Instagram. 

As I led her away, she continued with me...


Maggie, no I don't know about taking a cat. Honey, I really don't think...well, yes, we do have a suitcase, but...yes, your climbing gear would probably fit in a backpack, but April lives...okay you're right, we do need another laptop like the one Lula took to Australia, but honestly...I don't know about taking a boat in case of floods...yes it would be exciting to see the Eiffel Tower and the doll museums, but...

Come on, we'll go look at pictures of Paris, okay Maggie dear? Oh here comes Tink and Xennia. I bet THEY would like to hear about your Instagram adventure, and about your travel plans. Hey, Tink!

I had to get some work done.... 


So April, so kind of you to offer to take Maggie, but are you sure? She does like to have someone to talk to. Not sure what your very adult dolls would think...

Whoops, wait, sorry!  I think I am a little confused. Maggie is very convincing. And distracting.

What? She has Tink and Xennia helping her pack, and they are looking for suitcases too!

I gotta go!

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    April (Tuesday, 14 June 2016 19:07)

    Oh my, oh my, oh my..... You and your little friends are soooooooo adorable. Maybe tooooo adorable. I showed your picture to a friend and she said you were simply adorable, too! Something tells me that if you were to come to visit, all of your friends would insist on coming along with you! And while I would love to have you, your big dolls friends will want to come as well! Before you know it.... Dolltown would be missing many of its most valuable residents! But right now I am not in Paris (though I do miss being there). The dolls who reside in my studio might not know quite how to welcome you properly. But they would know where to take you to meet more dolly friends. There are toy stores and museum with lots and lots of dolls!
    On another note, that is a very pretty dress you're wearing and very pretty ribbons in your hair! I like pretty dresses and I like pretty ribbons and I like very much you, pretty little dolly named Maggie.

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    Jano (Tuesday, 14 June 2016 19:34)

    How lovely you are to my dolls, dear April.
    Maggie has, thankfully, been distracted by another rerun of Toy Story.
    It really depends who you talk to what kind of response you will get.
    Maggie is a chatty little thing, full of opinions, ready to go off with someone nice, but very sweet...

    Yes, speaking of big Dolltowners, I would be concerned about Iplehouse Lee getting sight of your beauties. I don't think he even needs a plane...some kind of trans-dimensional travel, I think. So, I'll keep his blinders on, so to speak, and amuse him with jesters and jokes. And play on his sense of responsibility for keeping things running smoothly here.
    And ask Maggie not to talk about her trip to Paris to help your gorgeous girls. If I am lucky, she will have forgotten by the time the movie is done. lol