Evie and Conner Go Into Hiding...

I had to ask this pair to look out for Tink and Xennia.

Xennia and Tink have been getting into mischief that could end in serious doll damage!

We have a First Aid room, but no doll hospital.

So Conner and Evie agreed to look out for the two friends while I get some work done.


They were excited at the idea, and changed immediately into their camouflage outfits so they could watch the pair, without being seen.

That part wasn't really necessary, but I was just happy with a "yes"!

I am off to get them some snacks while they wait.


But I AM wondering now...where ARE Tink and Xennia?

Well, I hope they don't get distracted and go off hunting for spiders.

Or decide to climb up those cedars!

We'll see what happens!

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    April (Thursday, 23 June 2016 17:07)

    Well, I don't know how "invisible" the girls are in their camouflage outfits, but I love their little outfits right down to the sneakers. Why do I have the sneaking feeling that this was simply a ploy to keep Conner & Evie busy while you, my dear, get some (non-dolly) work done!!!!!

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    Jano (Thursday, 23 June 2016 21:36)

    Hahahaha. Well, it worked! I got a solid few hours of other-stuff done. Now, I better go out, see if the've eaten their protein bars, and the BIG question...did they find the pair they were tracking?
    And thanks for popping in, April...nice to know my girls have an eye on them! Even when I am not around. :)