Meanwhile, the boys have found the Barbie bike...

A bike! Exciting!


Chris and his brother were late to the boys' meet up on the Path.

Chris found the Barbie bike, abandoned when the girls went in to dress for the party.

Owen got to try it out...


Well, they all did. Even Bobby, whose legs don't work very well.

(There he is, sitting.)

The other boys held him on and pushed him all the way back to Dolltown. 

Will and Owen got there first. They brought their toys...

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    April (Sunday, 19 June 2016 15:43)

    These little guys are as cute as they can be! In the photos they (like all of your dolls) appear to be taller than they really are. I wondered, at first, where you found a bike big enough for them. But then realized they are hardly taller than Barbie. Lost in the universe of dolls where size is not relevant.....

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    Jano (Sunday, 19 June 2016 15:54)

    Hiya April!
    These boys are wonderful!
    I needed boys for my Little Darlings...a little fun!
    They are Chris Miller and Robin Woods boys, about 14".
    All their hand positions are the same unfortunately, and get in the way in some photos.
    I have 6 now because I wanted to experiment with painting eyes, differentiate them a little more!
    I'll have to practice on some thrift store dolls though because I get attached to each of these guys when they come in. Hahaha And don't want to wreck them.
    I'd love to send one off to one of the Little Darling painters!
    The little Heidi Ott guy is smaller and has a cloth body so he just slumps, or gets strategically propped. Lucky the other boys brought him along for a bit of fun!
    Thanks for popping in!
    The boys will be happy to get a little attention. :)