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04. December 2016
Dolltown dolls arrived in the Community Center, where Christmas was set up before the sets changed and the tree and ornaments were borrowed for the Pop Up diorama downtown... Guard One came down for some photos, between security shifts, and put the word out to the boys. He knew they'd love some of the ornaments and toys... Chris and Douglas, brothers here in Dolltown, are joined by all our Chris Miller and Robin Woods boys. They are remarkably cooperative together, and good buddies. I wonder if...

12. November 2016
So, this is where the boys have been! We haven't seen them outside of school time for ages. Well, boys, nice clubhouse! Chris is here, and young Uley. And Dixon has a big yellow bag, full of treats.. Badger and Owen show up and the boys' Halloween starts. This's where half our treats and the Halloween cookies went! The girls are about to make an appearance.... Ready?

12. November 2016
Okay, we are straggling here. There is a follow up Halloween story. All the Dolltowners were surprised when the boys didn't show up at the Iple's Halloween party. But it wasn't long before the girls discovered where they had gone.... The Little Darlings were on an outing in the forest, looking for art ideas for school projects.

19. October 2016
Well, the girls have already had several classes in the Schoolroom. The boys have been out on separate fieldtrips... (There is no gender divide here in Dolltown. But there are natural differences that we notice we are catering to. Just like when I put lego and blocks in front of my own girls as babies and toddlers. And gave dolls and stuffies to our boy... My kids just crawled across the room and settled in to the other toys. And our boy asked for Tonka trucks and Transformers. And our girls...

02. August 2016
Birdy gets a beautiful book for her birthday, one of my favorites! Over in the meadow, in the sand, in the sun... And that is a real lamp, with real light, so she can read the book in bed, after dark. Nice! And the cutest bear that arrived from Carolyn Gebert! I know Birdy will share!

17. June 2016
A bike! Exciting! Chris and his brother were late to the boys' meet up on the Path. Chris found the Barbie bike, abandoned when the girls went in to dress for the party.

27. April 2016
Asa can hear the boys coming, their squeaky runners and leather boots noisy on the marbled floors. She can hear them tussling and laughing on their way. But when they enter her room a hush falls...

23. April 2016
Chris is busy today. The boys are expected soon at Asa's Open House! But first Chris accompanied Will to the Bridge to meet his online friend Conner, who now resides in Dolltown. Now he is keeping his brother Douglas company while Douglas waits for Chantal. Chantal is Douglas's favorite friend in Dolltown (besides his bro, of course).

23. April 2016
Conner is feeling a little shy, meeting Will for the first time... In a way they already know each other because they have been emailing and texting for months. They have sent each other photos, shared their hobbies, and talked about how much they would like to have a pet dog... But still, they both hope they will like each other in person!

26. March 2016
Scout has heard that some clothes arrived for the boys, from Pachom. If it's true she's calling dibs on some for Badger. Badger has been wearing the old green overalls that Will came in. Well, Scout got him to wear them back in December to do some work for her. He didn't mind! She's off to find out...

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