The Boys Visit Asa

Asa can hear the boys coming, their squeaky runners and leather boots noisy on the marbled floors. She can hear them tussling and laughing on their way. But when they enter her room a hush falls...

Uley and Bobby enjoyed the visit with Asa.


They had heard she is very tall, and very strong. But they found her to be very warm and kind and invited them to have cookies and tea, which were served in the adjoining room.


So they filled their pockets with cookies to go and guzzled the sweet tea and decided that Asa is the greatest. 

Hey, we notice Douglas changed out of his favorite Pachom pj's for the occasion! Looks like Wiz let him borrow his Tshirt!  Looking good Douglas!

The boys want to ask Asa a few questions about her martial arts skills, but there are distractions...Owen lost a button, Asa finds it. The younger boys , Uley and Bobby get up close. Scout brings Badger at the last minute...just in time!  

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