Dolltown Children and Ice Cream!

Ice Cream Party for the children in Dolltown!

What a motley crew! From big Hal, Kidz n Cats, to little Fancy Nancy and Tonner Patsy, our Gabby...

all enjoying ice cream cupcakes and little tubs of ice cream....

Well, I guess they are big, for little dolls!

I KNOW these kids are going to go and tell more dolls about the Ice Cream Party!

I'd better go check on our ice cream supplies!

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    Sharon in Spain x (Saturday, 23 July 2016 11:49)

    oooooooooh kids after my own heart, ice cream AND cherries, two of my favourite things!

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    April (Saturday, 23 July 2016 13:39)

    Hope you have shares in Hagen Daaz stock!!!! Before the day is over, I have a feeling that ALL of Dolltown (and the next town over) will be at your doorstep!!!

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    Jano (Saturday, 23 July 2016 15:01)

    Hi Sharon! Ice cream and cherries are two of MY favorite things, too! And of course I like to share favorite things with the dolls.... And I must say parties with dolls is such a pleasure. I can come and go as I need to, and the dolls are just where I left them! Ready to carry on the fun!
    Thanks for stopping by!

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    Jano (Saturday, 23 July 2016 15:33)

    Hey April! Well, G objected when I served Haagen Dazs to our real children, when they were small. They ate it! And loved it. But he is okay with the HD choices for the dollies, because he...helps. Even likes it melting. lol A other dollies arrive for cold treats, we fill the little tubs from a larger, more economical Haagen Dazs tub. Hahahahaha (Okay fine. I am off to buy shares before my next trip to the grocers...)