Gabby, off her feet...

Dolltown First Aid couldn't do much for Gabby. The problem is inside her, loose strings probably. Something we haven't tackled here yet. Uh oh.


And it tough on Gabby. She's so used to (Can anyone say ADHD?).  


She is enjoying the attention though.

And she likes that she gets her own chair.

I heard her telling the dollies, "You can call me Gabriella. Princess Gabriella..."


But she keeps falling out of the chair! Here Eve came along and helped her. Then Scout showed up and Eve told her the chair problem.


Here in the photo is the response to Scout's solution...

"Strap her in the chair."


I did! With a satin ribbon and it worked for a couple of days...sort of.


She's back to rolling on the floor. And inviting the other dolls to join her.


Gabby noticed more birds and clouds  while she was strapped in her chair. She was at such an angle!


"Look! Look! Four Stellar's Jays! My favorite! They make such a racket!"



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