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29. February 2016
Valentine, our stylist for the Valentine party, took the plunge with several Dolltown Little Darlings and changed their looks... We love the changes so far. Let's live with them for a while to see if the changes stay! Thanks Valentine!

04. January 2016
2016 Set intentions, possibilities... Gratitude for all my company here, alive and seem-alives. And thanks to all my dollhead readers and explorers!

02. December 2015
Tink wears the little Eiffel Tower necklace that came from Fifi from France with this bright sweater dress. Merci, Fifi! I'll add sources for these cute Christmas and holiday outfits, on our Doll Fashion page. Dresses from Fifi, Pachom, Calico Closet, Special Delivery, TKCTCrafts, Randonne... And boots and shoes from BSS Kid, and Dotti Gesford.

17. November 2015
First snow, winter clothes, and a little Eiffel Tower gift to remind us...

29. October 2015
Lee and Cat are making plans. Skeleton is keeping watch for the dolly arrivals. Little Witch Xenny arrives and then redhead Pearl. And she you know who she sees? Lee hears her wondering....

Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z live on Amazon
28. September 2015
It's live! ...on Amazon The process is full of steps but , one by one, I took the steps and uploaded the children's learning book I was working on. Now, I think it still needs a few tweaks but completing a process was important so I could see what one has to do.... I used a free Amazon program called Kindle Kid's Book Creator, that promises an easy process to publishing. And I used the Comic Life program to create the individual pages. The photo shoot was fun, with some additions and deletions...

07. August 2015
Gabby is learning to dress herself. Her doll friends are proud of her. And sometimes offer guidance... (Click the right arrow on the photo for the next panel. 6 Panel story.)

20. July 2015
I am a doll photographer and collector and Suzy, my next door neighbor is a quilter-extraordinaire... It was only a matter of time before I made a request of her. I wanted a cute little quilt, made from my children's childhood fabrics, for my dolls to picnic on. This is one side of my new beautiful, reversible, 18" doll quilt. It was hard for me to choose between my favorite fabrics, full of memories. So Suzy suggested a red side and a pink side, solving my dilemma. And she brought out her fat...