Scout recruits Brian...I mean Badger


Scout is missing Lula. They had a plan to gather food from the kitchen and drop it off at the Foodbank before Christmas. 

Twice they had snuck into the kitchen, before Lula left for Australia, to hide food for their venture.

I thought I bought olives, G said.

Zoey and Pearl are busy so they can't help Scout, but they have a good idea...

Third and last!

G will be wondering where a lot of his groceries have been going, not just olives....

What is going to happen when he reaches into the cupboard to get the tin of cranberries for Christmas dinner?

But who can fault a doll who does such good works...


Scout has put the good idea into action.

She has grabbed the new boy, Brian, and is getting on with a makeover, especially a hair cut so he can see. He needs to see for the job she has for him.

Does Brian mind?

No! Scout is definitely his favorite girl, er, doll here in Dolltown...

See "Brian" Takes a Shine To Scout

What has happened here?
Why is Brian wearing Will's cast offs?
The other new boys, Will and Dickens, are looking good in their new clothes, if you have been following the makeovers over the last couple of weeks. New pants, fitted shirts, skull caps or a new haircut...
Well, Brian here got his too-long hair cut all right. But the haircut was cut short as soon as Scout decided that Brian could see well enough. They had to get busy. She found Brian an outfit. BUT it was the clothes that Will came in, a green farmer's outfit.
We like green, Scout said to him. He smiled in agreement.
And Scout brought him a pair of boots to wear that she found in the dolly dress up discard pile. Too small for those well dressed BJD's.
(Scout, they are huge on this boy! They'll do, Scout said.)
Brian feels good.
But it isn't because he looks that good! He is just ready for work.
Now, Scout has gotten him to pack up cans and jars of food, and then take them to the door for the Foodbank. 
There are dolls and humans less fortunate than us here in Dolltown, she said to her new helper.
And she changed his name to Badger.
Scout calls him Badge.


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