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12. March 2016
2015 Winter photo shoot last year... Bandy arrived with flat feet and stained legs. Noddy overheard her complaining, wishing she could wear high heels like the other girls and worrying about summer and bare leg dressing... It got Noddy thinking!

23. December 2015
First! Scout is missing Lula. They had a plan to gather food from the kitchen and drop it off at the Foodbank before Christmas. Twice they had snuck into the kitchen, before Lula left for Australia, to hide food for their venture. I thought I bought olives, G said. Zoey and Pearl are busy so they can't help Scout, but they have a good idea...

06. December 2015
This Robin Woods doll, "Matthew", arrived with a couple of friends. We figure they are all from the early 90's. Matthew got a makeover to become Will, a doll with an interesting mix of technological savvy and a love of the outdoors and big machines...

18. November 2015
Before... As herself- Ana, the UFDC Shared Passions 2014 Convention doll. She was my 1st Little Darling and I just love her. But once Zoey arrived, Ana's prototype, it freed me up to experiment.