Hi Lula! How's it going? Cute school outfit!

Okay, I guess we better get serious.

Find that baby.

Or Lula might ask me to box her up and send her, and the rest of her babies, back to Lani in Australia!

I'll send the Guards out.

And maybe Tink and Xennia again.

I think Xennia and Tink were first to go and get dressed for school at Jiyoon's new Playroom.

How did Lula get ready so fast?

And why did she want her guitar? To sing "Oh Dolltown" on the first day of school?

That guitar has been missing for months.

Maybe I can make Lula one out of cardboard. And string! 

Maybe she won't notice!

Where's my red felt pen...

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    April (Thursday, 29 September 2016 14:11)

    Well Lula looks like a little rock star, if you ask me! By the way...I see a strong resemblance between her and your daughter!!! I'm sure she misses her, but explain to her that now she has soooo many friends AND she even gets to keep her little family! Oh, give her time. She'll eventually get over the homesickness.

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    Jano (Thursday, 29 September 2016 21:07)

    Oh Lula is going to love you saying that!
    But she'll just get after me even more for misplacing that guitar...so cute! I lost it before we could use it!
    I know there are some wonderful musical doll props out there. Tempting!
    I have to tell Lula, and the rest of the girls, that the boys need sweaters first.
    Yes, Lula probably rode that resemblance right into Dolltown...looking like Lani!
    Friends and her babies will definitely keep Lula distracted here! We'll just have to cook up some adventures to engage her...
    They all love learning...field trips!
    And Halloween is coming!