Prepare the Ice Cream Garden Party!

Our garden party setting...a place you'll usually find children playing!

Birdy has come to check the lighting, the ambience.

Then she suggests bringing in a table and a picnic cloth so the girls have lots of places ...for ice cream!

I'm on it, Birdy!

Thanks Birdy! Now off you go! Go get the girls!

And while she's gone, you won't believe who comes to help Silent Sam set up for the Ice Cream party.

It's Priscilla! Working! Without being asked! Is it the promise of her favorite ice cream...vanilla?

Thanks, Sam and Priscilla! What a great job!

Now...spread out the picnic cloth!  Priscilla? Priscilla!

I think I can hear dollies coming!

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    April (Wednesday, 20 July 2016 12:00)

    Well, at first I was under the impression that Priscilla was developing a soft spot. But little by little, it seems that she was simply setting up a comfortable corner for herself complete with her own pint of ice cream. Oh come on, know you want to share. You know you want to bring smiles to the rest of the dollies...... well can I at least have a spoonful!!!???!!!

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    Jano (Wednesday, 20 July 2016 12:14)

    Hahaha... She'll share with you, I'm sure, Miss Fashion Doll Stylist! Although she might look reluctant. She was quick to choose, when she was done helping. I've noticed she has a feeling of being left out, perhaps a past...of lack? These dolls can lie in a dark box for a long time. Certainly no ice cream. We have found crackers, nuts, and raisins under her pillow. (She wouldn't let anyone else make her bed.) Now I make sure she gets a bedtime snack. But she has been asking for croissants lately, instead of soda crackers! Odd!

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    April (Wednesday, 20 July 2016 18:01)

    Hmmmm.......VERY odd, indeed!!!!