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Little Darlings · 25. January 2019
The rest of the Little Darlings show up for Yoga Time. As well as little girls, the boys, and who else? And why are three of our LD's not waiting for our Little Darling yoga leader?

Children Dolls · 29. December 2018
Little girl doll by Helen Kish, and more dolls by Dianna Effner, Heidi Plusczok, Heartstrings, Tonner, Berdine Creedy, Berengeur, and a Fancy Nancy by Madame Alexander! See the photos!

Children Dolls · 27. December 2018
The little girls in Dolltown gather in the Magic Library for Christmas photos! A Berdine Creedy, a Heartstrings, a Helen Kish, a Berenguer, a Heidi Plusczok, two little Tonner girls, and even Fancy Nancy!

Children Dolls · 18. July 2018
Grumpy doll Priscilla has a ring buoy to help keep the little girls safe at the ocean beach. Come enjoy, girls!

27. May 2017
A suitcase of Monster High clothes arrived in Dolltown. And tiny Fancy Nancy and Heartstrings Phoebe fit some of them perfectly. They are thrilled.

08. November 2016
A few of the girls got out for some fresh air on a day when most were inside watching current events on TV.

31. August 2016
Phoebe and Oiya arrive at the beach in their bathing suits. Lucky girls! Most of the girls are wearing sundresses and pantaloons to the beach...

08. July 2016
A musical performance... Imagine!

01. April 2016
Bunny showed his flexibility by hiding eggs at the Community Center when it started to pour on Sunday morning. The scramble started! Once the fun was done, Bunny was served a plate full of carrots: raw and cooked, sliced, diced, mashed and made into orange rosettes! Bunny enjoyed the attention and love. Sticky fingers and all. He lingered....

27. March 2016
We celebrate Spring, get out all our flower dresses, open up our Easter basket full of eggs, bunnies, baskets... Our Picket Fence background is set up and then... a flow of dolls and stories! Iplehouse Asa here, has kept to herself. We rarely saw her for months. I was really impressed with Asa this week! She emerged and made the rounds of all the dolls. The dollies were delighted! Hugs all around. Wow. They call her Umunni, which sounds like "mother" in Korean. Asa is from Korea. Asa even...

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