Meet Ups at the Dolltown Bridge

Oh good!

The little girls are back.


The Dolltown Bridge is a great meet up place for the children. The little girls are greeting the Little Darling friends who are passing through. 


They've heard Tink is on her way. So we've woken Xennia to come meet up with her buddy.


And we are expecting Birdy and Rosa to show up from their trip to the garden.

And they are going to gather the Little Darlings for a very special time up at the Dolltown Abbey meadow.



It's Tink! Still wearing her rainbow bob. So spring like! So festive!

She's looking for Xennia...

Hugs and nose rubs for these good friends...

And here's Rosa, and Birdy.

Birdy tells the girls about the spring party up at Dolltown Abbey Meadow!

"There's going to be eggs, and bunnies, and chocolate!", Birdy says.

And flowers and bunnies!", Rosa says.

And without more ado, the girls were off.

"Tell the others!", Birdy says.

The little girls watched them go...

Before long, more Little Darlings showed up.

Fig, Chantal, and Indira were next, and Phoebe told them about the exciting news.

Spring Celebration! Up at the Iple's meadow!

Then Anna Zoey and Pearl heard the happy talk and came to see what was up.

The Dollotown Abbey Meadow! Chocolate eggs!

And once again the little girls were left by themselves at the Dollotown Bridge.

They decided it was their duty to stay and tell the other Dolltowners.

How thoughtful! How responsible!


And they've heard that Indira's Little Darling bff is on her way.

It was cooed by a white dove flying low over the bridge...

They've heard that magic happens when she is around... What kind of magic?

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