Now the Little Darlings at the Bridge

It's the Intrepid Trio!


Little Darlings Scout, Evie, and Lula join the little girls on the Dolltown Bridge. This meet up place usually means adventures lie ahead!


And this adventurous trio have donned jeans and runners. 


So, I wonder what these three are up to, and where they are going!


And who else is coming to the Bridge?

Red-headed Scout, camouflaged Evie, and curly blonde Lula are discussing their next move. 

Should they head up the Forest Path? Or down to the River?

Little Phoebe weighs the pros and cons of their choices.

The Forest Path is nice, but there's no flowers yet, she says.

And you can't go to the River without at least one of the Guards, and they are off checking the Dolltown perimeter.

How does Phoebe know all this, anyway?

Phoebe is always asking questions, Vikka says.

Of course. So she always has answers.

I must take a few photos of these cuties.

Phoebe in a cap hat, how sweet!

Fancy Nancy dressed in jeans, how novel! And what a cute nose!

And Oiya, in her favorite checked shirt, much more "Oiya" than the adorable pink satin dress she wore for Valentines Day

Oh no! The trio of Little Darlings is gone! 

And we were too distracted to notice where they went!

Ask Vikka! She goes off to follow them...

Thanks Vikka!


Here's a shot of how much room there is on the Bridge, to accommodate the hordes of Dolltowners we are expecting...


Wait a minute! Where did everybody go!

Where's the hordes?

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