Dolltown Little Girls

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

The Dolltown little girls are from a variety of doll designers!


Collecting this bunch was a lot of fun!

As Dolltown was opening its doors to gather friends, I was pouring over eBay and other sources on the Internet. What a blessing that is when you live in a place that has only a couple of shelves of dolls to choose from.

And I was on the lookout for dolls from some of the beloved doll designers.

As I unpacked these girls, when they showed up in their designer boxes, I was able to see for myself why these doll artists have such a following.


So let's show them off here...more photos to show the different characteristics of these little girl dolls. 

I love them all, and each for her own appealing qualities.

Dolltown Little Girls Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

Our Gabby, a little Patsy by the big Tonner company.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

Little Vera, a part of the Betsy McCall family from the Tonner company.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

This is Fancy Nancy, a well known book character, a version by Madame Alexander.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

Phoebe is Beach Party Eva, a sculpt by Dianna Effner, from the Heartstrings Company.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

Doll designer Dianna Effner also designed this sculpt, Tiny Shawl Dancer, our Shasta.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

Here is our Lilac Moon, a Lollipop from the Dancing with Grace series by Berdine Creedy.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Berenguer Little Girl Doll

Whoopi is a Berenguer Company designed doll.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Helen Kish Little Girl Doll

And here is our Kish, a Ballerina Lynne doll by doll designer Helen Kish.


Each of these girls has her own charm. 

(There's a little more info on these dolls here.)

I have run across other cuties designed by these artists.

So far I have resisted, no matter how appealing.

(Except for Dianna's Little Darlings...a couple more have joined us!)


Kish had a meet up with our Iplehose BJD, Violet.

Photos to follow. Sweet dolls!

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Wednesday, 16 January 2019 12:42)

    Oh....now that's what I call diversity! You're right, each one has their own special charm and separate personality. Of coure the LD's tug at my heart strings, but it's also fun to see them in an environment where they interact with other dolls....just like in real life!!! And, I might add....they all seem to fit in so comfortably at Dolltown!!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 16 January 2019 13:14)

    Hey April!
    Yes, I love trying out different doll designers.
    But I did basically stop, leaving me longing after a few dolls from designers I don’t have.
    As you know, each new character requires one more pair of tights or shoes so they can all show up together. Lol
    You know what that’s like! Imagine how many dresses you got out for your girls to pull off your holiday parties! And the time it takes to get them dressed! Lol
    I realized in my first year of gathering and photo shoots that I could use a dedicated doll dresser. �