Yoga Time with Dolltown Friends...

Lots of dolls and yoga sessions!


But this trio shows up while Indira and Desiree, our 2019 Yoga leaders, take a deserved break.


But these three don't look like they are here for yoga!


"Where's the Karate classes?"


So, what's the story here? In the fall, when I had to order the Little Darlings some tights for the coming cold weather, these girls snuck in and added karate outfits!

Okay, I get it. Who doesn't want a karate uniform? But let's agree that wrapping black hair ribbons around your middles is imaginative play, right?


So, how about the black uniform?

Evie, are you are passing yourself off as a karate master?

Lula tells me that the uniforms have different meanings too,

and both black and white can mean you are a beginner.


How about gold knit capris? Okay, I'm kidding, Scout! Don't be so touchy!

The Karate room is down the hall!

Now, back to yoga...


Chantal and Fig are ready!

Call the yoga leaders!

Fig wants to learn "Corpse Pose" in case she ever has to play dead for a movie role.

That lasted about two minutes. It gave me an idea though!

I think we will practice that one when things get too noisy in Dolltown...

After a few more poses, Fig and Chantal move on. They want to watch the Karate class.

Fig thinks it might be useful in case she gets to do an action movie...

It's our little girls! Phoebe and Fancy Nancy!

I'm impressed...never too early to start yoga exercises!

And Phoebe tells us she read "Autobiography of a Yogi" to prepare for the yoga session.

Yes of course, I forgot to put it on the Little Darlings reading list... 


Too sweet! Look at them!

Almost makes me forget that Phoebe is a walking Google...

And here's more fun!

Tink arrived just in time from her visit to the art gallery.

And Xennia is thrilled to find Tink and the little girls here...

After a bit of yoga foolishness the little girls are on their way.

They want to watch some black belt karate...

Yoga love.

Indira and Desiree use all their skills of gentle guidance to get these two on the right track.

Divide and conquer! Clever!

Now, go and find the others! Tink and bff Xennia move on.

Well, here's a first!

The boys have heard about the yoga sessions. Are these two are brave enough to try it?

Chris and Douglas! Give it a go!

What can it hurt!

Douglas! Who knew! Come on Chris, you can do it!

But off they go. I think the karate class bleachers are filling up!

And Hal, the kids' favorite babysitter!

We haven't seen him on a set since the summer!

With 9 points of articulation, yoga should be a snap!

Phew! I think that's a wrap, girls!

Thank you for a productive and fun event at the Yoga Studio!

And here's our stylist, Valentine!

Go ahead girls! Valentine will help you choose clothes for our Valentines Day!

Can't wait!

It's Kish and Oiya..hope you are not here for yoga!

I need a break! That was a marathon yoga event!

You two look like you are ready for a special Valentines Day!

Pretty in pink!

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    April (Thursday, 14 February 2019 18:34)

    Well, I was thoroughly enjoying this post when Conner walked in. And oh yes, she had forgotten how much fun the yoga classes were. But here's the problem..... Having seen how the Darlings have attracted other dolls into the yoga classes, she has the idea of teaching my crew over here how to do the various poses!!! Uh-oh...I'm not sure she'll have much success.
    P.S. Those are some of the cutest karate uniforms I've every seen. Again....who would have ever thought to tie a ribbon around a gi! But warn your girls that the color of the belts mean different things....white for beginners, green, purple for intermediates, brown and black for the pros!!!!