The Eiffel Tower and Christmas 2017...


At Christmas, all the Little Darlings (well, almost all) had their photos taken with our Eiffel Tower model.

They stuck an angel on the top while they waited for our real tree to show up!


Here, some of the girls show the Tower to Indira and tell her all about the arrival of the model-in-a-box a whole year before, in 2016.


They shared the story of the month of dedicated coloring it took to prepare the Eiffel Tower, and the exciting summer build. And finally the 2017 Christmas photo shoot....


"Pretty!" Indira said...

Yes! We think so!

April, famous Fashion Doll Stylist, sent a package of French goodies to the Dolltowners for Christmas. There's the Eiffel Tower a box!

Here are the girls coloring the birds, butterflies, and flowers that cover the Eiffel Tower. It took close to a month to get it done!

Last summer, we put the Tower together before school's end. The girls and their friends worked in teams, until the last piece went up!

Then all the Dolltowners headed out to the garden to admire the months of work. Even Conner, attending April's Fashion Design School for Girls in Detroit, made it for the event.

Christmas 2017! In December, the Little Darlings decided to pose with their Tower gift for their photo shoot.






Lula Star


Xennia (Where's your shoes, Xennia?)

Anna Zoey

Flo (Yes, it's Faith, as we have known her...or Fig as we know her now. Sheesh!)



And Rosa, who missed the shoot!

The girls are happy to see their festive Eiffel Tower photo shoot posted.

But I had barely pushed the Publish button, when they clamored for the next Christmas post.

Yes, there are definitely more photos.

And we'll get to them!


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  • #1

    April (Friday, 23 February 2018 12:52)

    An angel atop the Eiffel Tower!!!! Wouldn't it be nice if we could get the idea out to the authorities in Paris to do the same!!! But those adorable little faces all dolled up (pardon the pun) for the holiday could you not have a very merry time there in Dolltown!!! P.S. You're right.....Conner smelled the peanut butter cookies I was baking for my dad. Suddenly she forgot about the pajamas and wandered about, trying to figure out the origin of what she was smelling!

  • #2

    Jano (Friday, 23 February 2018 13:30)

    Hey April!
    Well we are on the same wave length because the girls here have been munching on pb cookies too! Is it “We wish the cold weather was done!” baking?
    The girls were in the mood for decorating before I was ready, so...Eiffel Tower creativity! “It’s shaped just like a Christmas tree!”, Tink noticed. And the memory sharing helped the time go by for the girls while I took my sweet time. And speaking of sweet, I’m off to see if there are any cookies left! Hi to Conner!

  • #3

    Sharon in Spain (Friday, 23 February 2018 13:44)

    It was a great idea to use the Eiffel Tower whilst waiting for the Christmas tree and don't the girls all look beautiful in their Christmas outfits :)