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22. February 2018
Memories! Why is an Eiffel Tower model a part of our Christmas 2017 photo shoot? The girls explain to our new Little Darling...

29. July 2017
Will, the boys, and Little Darlings Tink and Xennia come to the garden to see the Eiffel Tower! Fun!

27. July 2017
Little Darlings Pearl and Zoey, bring boy buddy Chris to see the completed Eiffel Tower. Chris checks out the model...

24. July 2017
Miley, Dolltown reporter and friend, Floora, our Ballet Doll, take a few minutes to talk about the Little Darlings and their boy buddies.

23. July 2017
Little Darling Scout brings her boy, Badger, to see the Eiffel Tower, with friend Evie. Badger gives Scout a flower. Evie leaves....

23. July 2017
Little Darling Lula brings her buddy Owen to see the newly finished Eiffel Tower. Owen helps Lula climb the Tower!

20. July 2017
The boys helped the Little Darlings with the Eiffel Tower. Douglas and Geoff come to the garden and Chantal and Faith are there to show them the Tower. ...

19. July 2017
Dolltown Reporter, Miley, and her ballet friend Floora came to the garden to see the Eiffel Tower, all set up...

14. July 2017
Little Darling Conner has flown in from April's Design School for Girls, all the way from Detroit City! Conner wanted to be a part of the Eiffel Tower garden photos! Welcome Conner!

09. July 2017
The Little Darlings completed the Eiffel Tower... Time for photos! All the Dolltown Little Darlings come to the garden for photos!

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