It's Pearl, Zoey, and Chris and the Eiffel Tower!

Now, here's a trio we can trust will not climb under the Tower, or climb to the top!


Zoey and Pearl bring Chris to see the completed model. Chris was there at the beginning of the building of the Tower,

He helped get a sturdy base built, so the rest of the model building was successful.


And Chris may have been in on the decision not to use glitter until the Tower was built.


Here Zoey and Pearl tell him the story of the rest of the building, and he inspects the work.


"Well done!", he says to the girls.

Thanks, Chris!

Your approval and kind words mean a lot to us.

It makes us want to get you some shorts for the hot summer weather!

(He's wearing corduroy pants!)


Hey Miley! Who's coming now?

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  • #1

    April (Saturday, 29 July 2017 13:11)

    Hmmm....looks like Zoey could use a new pair of shoes as well. I will get Conner on the case! (I trust they all wear the same size.)

  • #2

    Jano (Tuesday, 01 August 2017 11:09)

    Hahahahaha! I was hoping it would just look like some of the girls wanted to go barefoot!
    But it's true...we are a little short. But Dolltown has so many dolls! What can I say!
    Each summer we add a little more wardrobe lol. Well, every season!
    Thanks for thinking of us, April!