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26. June 2017
Silent Sam and Priscilla invite all the Dolltown babies for playtime outside.

31. May 2017
Dolltowners in the May garden...a gathering of horses, Golly cloth dolls, and an Ellowyne all by herself!

11. December 2016
The Dolltowners are arriving in droves for some Christmas fun! The boys have gone back to their clubhouse but the word is out and look who's here! Disney Toddler Princesses in their Etsy outfits, Kim lasher's Miley keeping an on things, and a variety of Christmas characters... Who else? Scroll to see!

29. November 2016
As we were festiving up the Community Room diorama, several of the dolls, ready for Christmas photos, came by. Even a few came by who have now gone down to the Christmas Pop Up Shop diorama! Christmas Doll has gone, and so have Shasta, and Fancy Nancy. I have a feeling the last two are going to want to sneak back here for the December Dolltown action. But no one will miss them down there. It's like a Find Waldo book in that doll stuffed diorama! But here we have some beauties we don't see very...

20. September 2016
Our Dee an Cee girls have been here forever... 50's Vintages. Guard One arrived in Dolltown last spring. And he soon had a crush on the Dee an Cee girls. (Remember this photo?) But so shy! So full of duty. But once Guard Two showed up recently, he was emboldened... Now he has a buddy. A wing man. And he wangled a break from their duty schedule to come to Terri's (again) when these girls were there. Look at them! So cute together!

14. September 2016
The Ellowynes have been in and out of Dolltown all summer. The local girls have been off to the City visiting and doing business with the City girls. And the City girls have been traveling to other countries. (And our Willow was on the catwalk of Paris in June!) We knew the Dolltown Ellowynes were back. But we didn't know the City gang was here too! But they all came down to Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig! First Eddie, Willow and Bandy brought the City group. They had to leave early to get back...

06. September 2016
It was a fun morning with her friends... And then the Iples arrived. Arlen stayed since she spends most of her time with the Iples... Work and play! And little Vikka has taken to spending most of her time with Asa. She wants to learn everything she can from Asa, a martial arts master... Daniel arrived without a shirt. Asa objected! He had to go and find one from Will...

03. September 2016
It's time for a Dolltown Community event! Terri Lee has invited everyone to an End-Of-The-Summer shindig at her home in the country.

11. May 2016
Who's this with Oiya? It's Joy! Joy is definitely a Dolltown original, coming in somewhere between the real vintages, my own childhood dolls, like Becky below, and all the Dolltowners who have arrived since last year. Joy was sitting on the top shelf of an old fashioned little local variety store. About 20 years ago. I am not a porcelain doll fan, but this was a sweet happy face. Her hair was in ringlets and she was garbed in an old fashioned little dress with a pinafore. I brought her home....

23. November 2015
We had a photo shoot at the Community Center. These dolls were happy to get out of their baskets and see a little action. We wanted profile pics for the dolls' resumes. We like to keep their curriculum vitae updated to give the dollies the best chance for the best assignments and roles....

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