Dolltowners at the Bridge

Who's this with Oiya?

It's Joy!


Joy is definitely a Dolltown original, coming in somewhere between the real vintages, my own childhood dolls, like Becky below, and all the Dolltowners who have arrived since last year.


Joy was sitting on the top shelf of an old fashioned little local variety store. About 20 years ago.

I am not a porcelain doll fan, but this was a sweet happy face.

Her hair was in ringlets and she was garbed in an old fashioned little dress with a pinafore. I brought her home.

Probably my first doll collected as an adult!

When the other dollies started arriving last year, Joy decided to modern up.  


So, Joy got my first dolly haircut.

(Unless it was me who chopped off half of Nina the Ballerina's hair, when we were children.

If it was me I have blocked the memory... ) 


It's the Iplehouse JID girls!

Their sculpt names: Violet, Cordelia, and Tania.

Here in Dolltown we call them Simmin, Terra, and Mercy.

They are dressed in their Pachom day dresses...

Look at these Terri Lees! How cute are they?

The blond is the Princess Ballerina dolly from 2004, called a reproduction. The brunette is an up-to-date "Winter Wonderland", one of four seasons available at the Terri Lee doll site... And they have added dolls since I last visited!

Dolltown Disney Princesses...or heroines!

Rapunzel, Snow White, Ariel, and two Meridas!

There are so many versions of each Disney Princess I suppose it is not surprising we ended up with two of the Brave heroine...

Vintage Becky, a Canadian Dee an Cee vinyl from the 60's, with our new vinyl boy. Someone has passed on this lad and Becky is glad! She likes him! Here she waits for him to change into some current clothes. Looking good laddie. No name yet...

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