Cindy, Darlene and the Dolltown Guards...Romance?

Our Dee an Cee girls have been here forever... 50's Vintages.

Guard One arrived in Dolltown last spring.


And he soon had a crush on the Dee an Cee girls.

(Remember this photo?)


But so shy! So full of duty.

But once Guard Two showed up recently, he was emboldened...

Now he has a buddy. A wing man.


And he wangled a break from their duty schedule to come to Terri's (again) when these girls were there.


Look at them! So cute together!

Guard One is giddy from his closeness to blonde Darlene.

And Cindy seems to like Guard Two's shiny laser weapon.

Guard Two is doing his best to look stoic despite her closeness.

(Should the guards have real names? Joe? Bill?)

 I think the girls are happy they wore their pretty dresses....

Of course they are always wearing their bright red lipstick!

Time will tell....

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  • #1

    April (Thursday, 22 September 2016 17:29)

    Wow, you never know what kinds of attractions form when you get a bunch of dolls together. It will be most interesting to see what develops here!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Thursday, 22 September 2016 18:52)

    hey April! It's very clear to me, the longer I oversee Dolltown, that relationships are veerrry important. Friendships, love interests... Relationships make the world go round. Or is that just my head spinning!