Asa and the Community!

Magic Barbie and Asa have a close relationship. MB is like a pretty drone, hovering over Dolltown and letting Asa know what is going on.

The Disney Princesses are asking Asa for missions. They are used to being heroines and saving the day. Dolltown day to day is fun. But isn't there a village or a prince to rescue somewhere? Asa ponders...

No doll expert around here has been able to identify this wonderful dolly from Value Village. She was bought in a bag full of other unnamed dolls (including our Clawdeen). Someday someone will recognize her and tell us who she is. She has no idea herself. We think she might have lost her memory. Maybe PTSD!

Vintage Kimberley and Crissy are happy that Kidz n Cats Hal joined the Dolltown Community. Nice AND cute. And useful, and strong....

Our vintage Becky is so excited to bring her friend, a brand new to Dolltown old doll. It's the first time in her LIFE that she feels she has a special friend just like her!

And he's so cute!

Oh boy! What a Dolltown crew! There's Boneka, hanging on to Asa, and OOAK Sky who looks like a cloud, and Silent Sam who communicates through his mind, and Valentine, our new doll stylist, and very new Bunny, who came for Easter fun and never left...

They all have a great talk!

Vintage Originals Cindy and Darlene, with their gorgeous Ava wigs making them feel as young and beautiful as Asa.

Jade J'Adore, Catrine Demew, and one of the Clawdeens (we think) get to live at Dolltown Abbey, so they see Asa regularly. They have put themselves in charge of the pets and plants... Trading for protection!

And Sophie! Our Dolltown OOAK from Lithuania. She arrived in Dolltown in her own frame and only once has come down from it.

Sophia, still in her frame, came to acknowledge Asa's unprecedented Open House.

Asa felt honored!

And Sophie was Asa's last visitor.

For now...


Warning! Disembodied doll!

Each of the photos above is a story in itself...

But the photos below deserve their own blog!

Here's the young Terri Lees Tamla and Oralee.

And the vintage Terri Lees...

Terri's limbs hold on with her purple outfit, but blond Queeny is still in pieces, just her head made it out of the bag.

But she was glad to emerge, even for a short time!

And a touch from Asa...bliss!

Stay tuned for more of THIS story!

That's it folks!

Asa's Open House...never happened before and may never happen again!

Dolltown Abbey opened its doors, the Dolltown dolls made their way in groups over several days to Asa's own beautiful room, with its circle window, antiques and orchids.

Asa showed stamina and presence of mind, adjusting to each group that came.

We certainly had some spin offs, with more goings on than we could show here, and all the meeting up at the bridge, before and after the visits.

A wonderful April Event, that spilled into May.

Now what's next in Dolltown?

Stay tuned!


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