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25. November 2017
Dolltowners Xennia, Asa, and Jack spend time at the local Arts Gallery! It's a Shoe Fabulous Show!

09. November 2016
The Dolltowners know that, no matter what, we need to get along, use our manners, help each other, and reach across our comfort zones... Always do our best!

05. October 2016
Throwback Thursday! Random Iplehouse bjd photos from last October... Some photos that are NOT Little Darlings! They got ALL the attention this week. A couple of these were used in stories. Most didn't make it on to the site!

06. September 2016
It was a fun morning with her friends... And then the Iples arrived. Arlen stayed since she spends most of her time with the Iples... Work and play! And little Vikka has taken to spending most of her time with Asa. She wants to learn everything she can from Asa, a martial arts master... Daniel arrived without a shirt. Asa objected! He had to go and find one from Will...

05. September 2016
Morning! Terri Lee had a good rest! She was ready for her friends to come and visit. Ernie checked in briefly, then he was off to fix a few things. Sophie in a Frame, Bunny, Art Dolls, Valentine, and Sky arrived and the chatting began!

09. May 2016
After her weeks-long Open House Asa needed some time to herself. Time for reflection and ritual... Asa arrived in Dolltown with two kimonos, given to her by her previous owner, including this beauty. And this beautiful long hair . So she was quite a sight!

04. May 2016
Magic Barbie and Asa have a close relationship. MB is like a pretty drone, hovering over Dolltown and letting Asa know what is going on.

04. May 2016
Asa takes time for reflection and when she emerges she gathers her family around her. This is her tribe-bjd's from around the world. The girls Mercy, Simmin, and Terra. The boys Spiro and Bo. And Airus, our ghostly presence. Or he wishes.

03. May 2016
Oiya! Late again! Our little Heidi Pluszcok also missed the girls' group Valentine's photo. She was outside hunting for bird's eggs with Uley. This time she missed the group photo with Asa while she helped Uley get ready for a roadtrip with Auntie Mischelle. Oiya and Uley...perhaps a new bond I hadn't noticed? Both active and funlovers...who knows?

03. May 2016
It's a smile! Priscilla has been grumping at all of us for months! About everything! We are used to having to interpret doll feelings. I mean, look at Asa! But Priscilla really took the cake. She was grumpy even when she HAD cake! She looks positively angelic!

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