Asa takes time for herself to reset...

After her weeks-long Open House Asa needed some time to herself. Time for reflection and ritual...


Asa arrived in Dolltown with two kimonos, given to her by her previous owner, including  this beauty. And this beautiful long hair .


So she was quite a sight!

We stored her kimono carefully, wrapped her long wig in a protective net and got her this Yuri wig to wear for "everyday".


She dresses in her brocade kimono for tea ceremonies, visits from otherworldlings, and when she communicates with her ancestors during rituals.

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    Sharon in Spain (Tuesday, 10 May 2016 08:52)

    She looks beautiful, her kimono is lovely, so elegant and regal. I think I like her with a fringe too, but then I've always preferred fringes on wigs. I used to have Asa too, she's a lovely sculpt.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

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    Jano (Tuesday, 10 May 2016 09:53)

    Hi Sharon!
    Thank you...the kimono is a beauty. And so is Asa!
    I love a fringe too. We call them bangs here in Canada (and US).
    And the long wig is care-heavy. Hard to get her back up into her chair-on-a-shelf when her outing is done, without the wig in distress. lol

    You have/had a variety of dolls! Interested that you had this big EID girl! They take a whole wardrobe themselves, eh? She gets by with a few pieces and the kimono only comes out for special occasions!

    Any photos? :)