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Iplehouse BJD Violet wishes Happy Holiday!
25. December 2018
Iplehouse Violet wishes everyone a Happy Holiday!

Community Dolls · 28. November 2018
Dolltown teacher, Sky, is ready for students! She had help, from Jack and Priscilla. The piano is here! Learning blocks, books, an abacus for counting, the alphabet...

bjd · 26. October 2018
The girls think they have seen the black raven again. Well, we followed a raven-like shadow to the Dark Tree, and sure enough, just as we thought...Raven!

Little Darlings · 23. June 2018
Jiyoon's in the Garden! Indira and Fig, too. The girls are wishing the rest of the Little Darlings would hurry up! Meanwhile the LD's explore and Fig spends a little time with a bjd friends...

21. June 2017
Our three Iplehouse JID girls, a Tania, Cordelia, and Violet. We took a garden tour and took lots of photos!

24. May 2017
Iplehouse JID Tanya, our Aira, is changing her hair again. Check the choices out and let us know which "do" you like the best!

26. April 2017
Meanwhile, the Iple girls have emerged. While everyone is at the River, they have made it to the bridge. First Aira, then Odelle...

02. January 2017
Okay, the first part of this story started in previous post. The part where the Iple boys are surprising the girls with a box of Christmas gifts. How nice! But the box was full of lacy underwear and we had to finish the post here... The girls unwrap all the pretty gifts. and leave, taking the gift box with them!

01. January 2017
Iplehouse JID boys brought gifts for the girls! How sweet! But wait...

30. October 2016
They invited the Dolltowners to the Moon Arch Room at Dolltown Abbey for Halloween celebrations... The Little Darlings and friends have been streaming through, but there is a lull. Down time!

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