The Iplehouse Girls in Dolltown

Our Iple girls are meeting up in the City Park for a little downtime.

They have been helping the Dolltown children all year!

Hosting our Easter party, looking after the girls at the beach in the summer, setting up the Christmas dress up in the Playroom...


I am thankful for the help! I have been pretty busy this year and the children like to stay busy having fun!


I have an idea of how to show my gratitude to these pretty Iple girls. Excited! More on that later...


Violet waits for her friends in the chilly park...

These girls borrowed warm clothes from the Little Darlings and our Disney Toddlers.

And found some Sasha doll tights!

Tania Aira joins Violet on the park bench, and they shares stories of the childrens' dress up fun.

Cordelia Odelle arrives with a report that all the little girls are ready for photos.

And Vikka arrives with surprising news!

There is a new plan for the setting of the Christmas photo shoot,

and it is completely unexpected!

Okay girls! Better get the the room ready!

Violet and Vikka disappear.

Then Odelle heads off muttering about decorations in the attic, and just Aira was left on the park bench.

What's next, Aira? Maybe you could check the Little Darlings?

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