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02. June 2016
Eddie, Knox, and Wiz have heard the Ellowynes are getting ready for a spring fashion shoot... They offered to help but haven't heard back. What kind of "help" are you offering, boys? You say you want to help...the community?

04. February 2016
Tonner men Peter Parker, our Knox, Edward Cullen, our Eddie, and Harry Potter, our Wiz. Here Harry has changed into his new magic Tshirt and teal jeans. Eddie is wearing mock leather studded pants bought for the bjd boys. Better fit on the Tonner guys! Same for several other pieces, including the black sports jacket on Knox...

01. February 2016
Tonner guy, Eddie, spends time with Willow. What guy wouldn't want to? She's very beautiful. But all the Ellowynes are beautiful! Still, for Eddie, it's this one...