Tonner Guys Waiting...

Eddie, Knox, and Wiz have heard the Ellowynes are getting ready for a spring fashion shoot...


They offered to help but haven't heard back.

What kind of "help" are you offering, boys?


You say you want to help...the community?

Eddie is glad the guys have only one or two changes of clothes between them. 


Jeans and a easy to get dressed in the morning! Leaves time for more important things!

Just like that story about  Mark Zuckerberg and his same tshirts...

From the Business Insider, Nov 14... 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had his first-ever public Q&A session on Thursday. 

He answered a lot of questions, but the one that got a lot of interest was, “Why do you wear the same T-shirt every day?”

For those who haven’t noticed, Zuckerberg wears the same gray T-shirt at most public events. While many expected a playful response, Zuckerberg gave a pretty serious answer for his penchant to wear the same gray shirt.

"I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community," Zuckerberg said, after clarifying that he had "multiple same shirts."

Great story!

I'll use it as a good reason why my boy dolls appear usually in the same garb.

Until such time as the boys get great changes of wardrobe, like the girls.

Don't hold your breath...

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