The Accessories Wall...

Pretty in pink!

And purple, white, red...


Valentine has styled the dollies, adding the finishing touches of ribbons and head bands after the girls chose their footwear.

I told you to keep an eye on Tink!


After changing out of her pink-sheeped nightie choice, she picked...well, something in every color on the Valentine color guide card.


Even adding pink slouch socks and earphones. Talk about layering!


Chantal has stepped in to edit, since stylist Valentine has everybody's hair to do.

The style takeaway ends in a bright polkadotted outfit that all the girls like.

We are ready for the shoot...


Even on a bright day, this light is in use! Especially for shadows on dolly faces...


And I love the flexible legs!


Notice the great American Girl salon chair! Useful!

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