Little Darlings in the Garden!

But first, catch up...

Maggie's home!


Dolltown's Little Darling Maggie traveled to London last year with our daughter Tasya. Maggie lived in a small flat with Tasya and her cat, Lhasa.

Maggie had to be kept out of Lhasa's reach for the months she lived in London. Maggie looked like a play toy to the scratchy cat. 


When Tasya returned for a visit, she brought Maggie home to her Dolltown friends.   And Maggie arrived with her own cat! Not as scratchy as princess Lhasa!


This photo shows Maggie in a grad cap. She has been wearing it since Tasya's own graduation. There was a celebration, with Maggie participating from a high shelf...


All the girls were happy to see Maggie, but none more than Jiyoon. Jiyoon and Maggie had formed a special bond and both talked for hours after Maggie emerged from the travel bag...


Jiyoon, Indira, and Maggie

Jiyoon and Indira were already dressed for the garden when Maggie arrived, so they waiting patiently in the garden for their Little Darling friends to join them!

Especially for Maggie, Jiyoon's bff...

Here she is! Ellowyne Taffy brought her to the garden after she changed out of her London blacks. Maggie didn't seem to mind choosing a colourful sundress from the pile the LD's laid out for her. 

It didn't take long for these two to disappear with their friend Indira. They all wanted to see what the cat would do in a big garden to explore. (There was no garden to play in at their home in London, just windows to look out of.) I don't think we'll see these girls for a while...

Rosa and Birdy

Rosa and Birdy watch the birds in the garden while two settle nearby them. Birdy has heard that we live in the bird watching capital of Canada. Now, I don't know if that's true, but I know Birdy and her friends watch the birds in the garden all the time- Robins, Chickadees, Mourning Doves, Crows, Stellar's Jays. Sparkle birds, sequin birds, bird brooches and charms, birds in cages... And birds of all kinds are are drawn to Birdy and bff Rosa. Look at these pretty ones! 

Tink and Xennia

Tink and Xennia come to the garden and are thrilled to find a bunch of little birdhouses. And as Xennia and Tink often do with anything around them, they overturned all of them. Why? They wanted to find the little birdies inside them. But they didn't find any.

(My guess is  the little birds heard they were coming, flew out, and are hiding in the bushes. What? These girls would only love you up, kiss you, ruffle your little feathers, attach you to their hair-do's as ornaments... That's what they did to the little trolls! Who wouldn't want that?)

Pearl and Anna Zoey

Here's Pearl and Anna Zoey! These two are always sorry when school ends as they are voracious learners. They actually set themselves up a summer school program, choosing their own lessons. Like dreams, rocks and minerals... They have brought out a variety of books to the garden to help them set up their self-directed learning for the weeks ahead. Way to go, girls!

Evie, Scout, and Lula

I thought this trio would show up ready to garden, check the flower spray for dangerous chemicals, plant some vegetable seeds to help supply food for the food bank. Either that or embark on a tree climbing expedition, hunting for risky pests (even in their pretty dresses). But today these three are also into the books, because Lula is on a mission. It's Jasper's 1st birthday soon, and Lula has decided they must all learn songs and rhymes for him. "We want to make him laugh.", said this serious bunch. Go for it, girls!

Fig and Chantal...and Indira again

Fig and Chantal meet up in the garden, and Indira joins them, bringing a pretty lantern she found in the flowers. A lantern! Then two lanterns! They plan... a night garden visit, maybe during the full moon. Light the lanterns, sing some songs, maybe put on a play. Maybe A Midsummer Night's Dream! Wouldn't that be fun! Invite the  boys! And the little girls! Maybe the BJD's would come down from Dolltown Abbey!  Wow, girls, active imaginations! From a pink lantern to a community production of Shakespeare! Dream on...

Jiyoon and Maggie are back

Where did you girls find that? That's Shuswap Jim's painting! And I thought it was out in the Dolltown Doll Studio.... But that's all the way across the garden! And it was up on a hook! How...? Nevermind. Jiyoon is showing Maggie the details, talking about the way the little leaves have been painted. And how the trees are overlapped over the clouds so it looks like 3D. And how each tree has it's own shadow, so you can imagine where the sun would be... Phew! Jiyoon! You have been paying attention in your art classes! 

Sweet... All of them. 


My mind is whirling with imaginings of a Dolltown Midsummer Night's Dream!

But get practical...there's weeding, berry picking, prep for company... And is it true that baby Jasper might be coming? We'd all have children's songs and nursery rhymes to learn! Not Shakespeare!

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