Choosing a doll for your collection...

Choosing dolls for your collection is a personal thing, but we have reasons...

Once we identify why we are collecting dolls, or what we love about it, the choices we make can be based on a variety of factors:

  • the age and era of the dolls we collect
  • the designer or company
  • the look of the doll
  • the material the doll is made of
  • the size we want
  • the handle ability
  • the use it will be put to
  • the source
  • the cost

And we may ask, how will the doll fit in to the collection? Are we filling a gap? Are we adding variety? Are we buying yet another favorite? Are we buying at all...maybe it's a trade. Perhaps you are creating your own doll. 


For some of us, there is a lot of excitement when we are choosing, or waiting for a doll to arrive, whether it's a vintage doll, a ball joint doll, a Smart Doll, or a Little Darling, or another Little Darling...

Think about your process as a doll collector!

How do you choose a doll?


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